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"How do I install my Bed Skirt Panels?"

"How many bed skirt panels do I need to purchase?"

Normally your dorm bed will be against a wall, meaning you will need 3 bed skirt panels (2 panels for the long side of the bed and 1 panel for the foot of the bed.) If your bed is not against a wall and both sides of the bed are showing, you will need 5 bed skirt panels (2 panels for each of the long sides of the bed and 1 panel for the foot of the bed.) **You can find out your room layout by visiting your college website and navigating to the "Campus Living."

"How do I install my custom headboard?"

All of our custom Twin Headboards are under 5 pounds, ensuring that they will hang on the wall behind your bed with a damage-free command product. Each Headboard comes with a D-Ring attached to the back for easy hanging. Each Headboard also has 2 strips of velcro on the bottom corners to keep the Headboard from moving. Purchase your Command hanging product in the "accessories" section of the website!

"How do I install my non-custom headboard?"

All of our non-custom headboards come with attachable legs that can adjust to different heights. Installation instructions and the necessary tools and hardware are also included with your non-custom headboard.  

"How long will it take to receive my products after I place my order?"

All custom orders will take 14-21 business days during the months of May-September. Any non-custom order (stock pillows, non-custom headboards, non-custom bedding) will ship within 5-7 business days.

"Can NJD make products out of a fabric I already have?"

Yes! You can ship us your fabric and we will use it to make any of our custom products. Please contact us via the "contact page" regarding fabric types and yardage needed.

"How much do the custom headboards weigh?"

All of our custom headboards weigh under 5 pounds. Not only will this make your life easier on move-in day, but it can hang on the wall directly behind your bed using a damage-free Command hanging product. Damage-free is a word you will start to hear a lot more in the dorm world!

"Can you ship my products straight to my dorm room?"

Typically, residence halls do not allow packages to ship directly to their address. We can, however, send your items to your P.O. Box in your college town!